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I'm client centred, so I work by focussing my attention on your process, tuning in to your feelings and thoughts then reflecting back to you so you feel really heard and understood. You can expect to feel relief from tension or distress within the first few sessions.

As we continue to meet and connect, I would work to support the emergence of more maybe ‘difficult’ emotions and thoughts and help you to connect with these to create insight.

Together we will seek an understanding of what you want from your life and how we can help you to move towards that in our weekly sessions. You may not know and that’s normal – I can help you to get clearer. I'll check with you often to see if our work together is helping you. If you feel 'stuck' in your life, I can help you resolve; finding the energy to move forward one small step at a time. When everything feels too much, I can help you remember your strengths and abilities.

My training in humanistic psychotherapy enables me to hold on to hope and a belief in ‘the coming solution’ as I work to support you in leaning in to new directions in your life.

I believe that the people who come to work with me are experts on their own lives (even if they don’t feel like they are). I see one of my roles as walking with you as you access your own experience and understanding. With some people, I help them to ‘think things through’, some clients find it more helpful to express their feelings. As we work together some people are able to do both.

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